Brandon Price is the knowledgeable, against-the-grain, do-it-all outdoorsman.  We've lost count of the places that he's either hunted or fished.  His guiding career started in Colorado, and it includes three seasons in Alaska.  We find that he is just as happy to chase Roanoke bass as he would be landing a salmon.

His southern charm makes him a very patient instructor for both fly fishing and wingshooting.  He is very direct, making his teaching style effective for those who have a strong desire to learn.  Full of surprises, he'll climb a 30-foot sapling to retrieve flies or charge bears that get too close to the lunch spot.  He works as a consulting wildlife forester so he practically knows the latin name of every tree you're likely to see- just in case you wanted know.

Brandon currently resides in Madison, NC and acts as both a wingshooting and fly fishing guide.  He serves his community as volunteer firefighter/EMT.
Stephen Faust is a lifelong hunter who had an affinity for pointing dogs at an early age, eventually leading him to start Stoneybrook Gordon Setters.  He only selects Gordons' that exhibit the full mantra of the breed: beauty, brains, and bird-sense above all else.  As true foot-hunting dogs, Gordons have a steady pace and see their life purpose as finding birds for the hunter. Stephen's passion for the American Woodcock borders on obsession and leads him to a fair amount of ruffed grouse habitat.  He spends most of the hunting season somewhere between the New River Valley of VA and the lower flatwoods of Louisiana.

Stephen formerly enjoyed a career as a professional road cyclist which pays off in the field with endurance to cover exhausting terrain. These days he works as a supplier in the food service industry, and as a trained chef, you're sure to be well fed after a day in the field.

Josh Swain is an alternate guide when his schedule permits.  He's dedicated to chasing wild ruffed grouse through laurel thickets in the mountains.  Though he runs his own small construction company throughout the year, we believe that this is just a way to finance an upland wingshooting addiction.  All of his dogs are a joy to hunt behind, with some of the best points  and honors you'll ever witness.  

Josh owns a small farm in Yadkinville with his wife Mary, but his truck is often found on a dusty gravel road somewhere in the east slope of the Appalachians.  He also guides on a legendary quail plantation in South Carolina.



Company History: A Tale of Two Guides

As they say "It's a small world."  That phrase sums up the creation of this company.  Tyler Almond and Brandon Price grew up in the same county, graduated high school the same year, and both  acquired a passion for fly fishing and wingshooting.  Brandon attended Appalachian State for two years before transferring to NC State, leaving the trout streams behind.  That same year, Tyler began attending Lees-McRae College in Banner Elk, fishing some of the same riffles Brandon's boots had stirred weeks before.  Both sportsmen graduated college and began working, dabbling with guiding in the summers.  In 2007, having never met, they found themselves sharing a small cabin in southwestern Alaska, both working as fly fishing guides for a well-known fly out lodge.  Through their friendship and the networks they've woven through the years, Wing & Fly was born.  Tyler moved on to new opportunities in the retail fishing business, but not before introduced Josh Swaim to us.  Then there was Paul, Mark, and Sara....who didn't stay long but left their unique influences.  We continue to seek out partnerships with great guides for the local woods and waters around us.  Many thanks to all the anglers and hunters that have made this possible, your friendships are deeply appreciated and the moments cherished.