This page outlines most of our fly fishing trips, explaining details of when, where, how, and anything else we think you should know.  Though most of our fishing trips are run "in-house", we do utilize certain independent guides if they're the expert on a particular stretch of water.  Be assured that you will never pay more for a trip with us than you would by going direct.  As always, our advice is free and we're dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.  Most rates are listed on our main guide trip page (CLICK HERE). 
Please call or email us with questions concerning specific trip details:  919-414-8046 or
This chart is based on guiding experience from the past several seasons.  There are sometimes prime spots during tough times, but this is intended to assist clients in booking trips for the best chances for specific species.  As always, it's best to call for recommendations or check our facebook page updates for current conditions.

Foothills Trout (Full Day $260 / $310)
A great trip for beginners, intermediate fishermen, or traveling anglers who need to wet a line between meetings.  Travel time varies between 1 to 2 hours from the triad and the earliest departure is 6:30 am.  Fishermen have opportunities to land 10-50 trout per day with minimal hiking.  Recommended months are October - May.
Locations:  Stone Mtn. State Park, Mitchell River, Helton Creek, Dan River (VA/NC), South Mountains State Park, others

Wild Mountain Trout  (Full Day $260 / $310)
This is small creek fishing, generally with dry flies.  Expect lots of quick "hits" with a 50% hookup rate as the fish are faster than most human reflexes.  Wild trout generally range from 6-10 inches in size, but occasional 12"-14" fish are not unheard of.  Casting is often very limited and crouching is necessary to avoid spooking fish.  Fishermen should be able to walk 2-3 miles over moderate terrain.  Maximum of 2 anglers.  Recommended season from May until October.
Locations:  Parkway waters in NC & VA, Wilson Creek, Jefferson Nat'l Forest, many others that will remain unmentioned.

Backcountry Trout (1.75 days $375 / $525)
Essentially the same trip as above, but this version includes additional hiking plus at least one night of overnight stay.  Located in wilderness areas or national parks.  Travel time varies between 1.5 and 3 hours from the triad.  Trout are generally more numerous and larger than average wild trout.  Good physical condition required.
Locations:  Great Smokies, Jefferson Nat'l Forest, NC Parkway waters

Smith River Raft Float trout (Full day $300 / $325) NEW!
Click HERE for more information on this trip near Martinsville, VA.

Tailwater Floats (Full day $375 / $425)
Fly fishing from drift boat or raft on beautiful emerald tailwaters.  Meet us in western NC or eastern TN.  High variety of tactics utilized depending on season, daily water levels, and current hatches.  Magnificent views of moutainous countryside while covering a large amount of water.  Trophy (20"+) rainbows and brown trout possible or choose to catch high numbers of 14-16" trout.  A first-class trip for any angler, but longer casting and an understanding of basic mending techniques will prove beneficial.  Many customers repeat this trip year after year.
Locations: Watuaga River (TN), South Holston River (TN), Catawba River (NC),

Tailwater Wade Trip (Full day $350 / $400)
Though much more water can be covered by boat, wade-fishing has the advantage of giving anglers the opportunity to target specific fish that are rising.  Since we normally run this trip when generation is low or absent, there is less crowding around the "good spots" when wading.  Half-day trips are also possible.  Strictly dependant on power generation schedule.  Recommended March through October.

Locations: Dan River (VA), Smith River (VA), Holston (TN)

Smallmouth Float Trips
A very active drift trip combining lots of casting with lots of smallies!  Great
for two anglers who love to compete because there are fish everywhere, but overall a relaxing float to get away from the daily grind.  Spacious mountain views along working riverland with lots of wildlife. Tactics include dead-drifting terrestrials, stripping large streamers, and working poppers.  Recommended between June and September.
Locations:  New River (VA), Nolichucky (TN), Holston Proper (TN), the Dan River (NC/VA), James River (VA) and the Uwharrie River (NC).

Local Warmwater Skiff Trip (1/2 Day $195 / $225)
Half-day trips are great for anglers needing a "cabin-fever" cure and can be executed from shore or from boat.  Water may include larger lakes or large private ponds at the guide's discretion.  Full day trips are generally taken by boat in order to cover more water.  Target species include largemouth bass, bluegill, redbreast sunfish, crappie, or bodie bass.  Spring and fall months are best depending on water temperatures.  Summertime fishing is generally best in morning and evenings.
Location:  Mostly private lakes, but we also fish Randleman Lake, Jordan, Shearon Harris, Badin & others.

Sightcasting Flats Carp (1/2 day $195 / $225)
Also called "Carolina bonefish", these fish are gaining nationwide popularity as a sportfish.  This trip is very demanding to fly casters, requiring precision casts to cruising or tailing fish.  Common carp are notorious for being picky as well as for being very spooky.  Generally, we fish 11' leaders and are targeting specific fish.  Not recommended on windy days.   This is a great practice trip for anglers preparing for bonefish, permit, or tailing redfish.
Location:  Private lakes, Falls of the Neuse, Umstead State Park, Lake Townsend

Longnose-Gar ($160 / $185)
A very unique trip that we're proud to specialize in!  This is a wade-only trip with a high number of opportunities.  But, be warned, these are primitive, highly efficient predators.  Due to their feeding behavior and size, landing these beasts takes more than a few turns of the reel.   Plan for a "hot" day of fishing in terms of temperature and fighting fish.  Nerve-racking follows, quick hits, and thin error margins make for some heart-stopping moments.  Some specimens as large as 4 feet long.  Recommended for July, August, and early September. 
Location:  The "Horseshoe" River and that's your only hint.

Spring-Run White Bass (6 hours $160 / $185)
A very narrow timeline fishery with outstanding numbers of tough fish.  Fishing medium sized piedmont creeks and small rivers for schools of white bass or hybrids.  This species fights hard for it's size and the strikes are unmistakable.  Depending on local populations, this is one trip where we commonly encourage keeping a few, because they are delicious.  Trips only offered for a few weeks in late March through mid-April, so you should ask to be on the "call me first" list beforehand.
Locations:  Lake Macintosh, Falls of the Neuse, Haw River, Hyco, Kerr Reservoir, others

Tailing or Schooling Redfish / Red Drum (1/2 - Full day $350-$500) 
The coastal waters of NC house vast areas of salt marsh, tidal creeks, and estuaries.  Look closely and you will find a spot-tailed gamefish that hunts these waters consistently without ever seeing a fly.  It is rumored that our guides have these waters tatooed on their brain- and it must be true because they seem to know the location of every bouy, oyster bar, or grass flat where a redfish may live.  A first-class trip sightcasting to red drum every month of the year.  Spring and fall are peak seasons.
Locations:  Southern NC coastline, Wrightsville Beach

Stripers on the Roanoke (NC) or Staunton (VA)
Every angler should try this at least once.  How many places can you go to consistently hook 3-10 lb anadromous bass on fly?  In late spring, stripers begin making their journey up the rivers and at times can be very aggressive.  Early mornings and evenings are pretty wild with spawning fish, and male stripers will hit nearly anything.  Daytime fishing targets the bigger females with sinking lines.  NOTE:  we do not offer this trip on weekends due to the heavy boat traffic.