Ruffed Grouse Hunt - Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Tentative Schedule: any three days from October 6th - Oct. 28th, 2016

Call 919-414-8046 for details.

Oct 6th-12th: BOOKED

Oct 13th-19th: BOOKED

Oct 20th-25th: Some Availability

Oct 25th- 28th: BOOKED


Cost per single Hunter (3 day/4 night):  $1275.00*

-Discounts available for pairs or groups up to 4 people.

-Some Availability of "Single Day" guiding for traveling hunters: $400/day


Fully guided hunt nestled in the quiet woods of the UP where grouse are found in coveys and woodcock hide among the conifers.   Hunts will focus on pointed birds using primarily English setters in young mixed forests of balsam fir, aspen, and birch.  Flush rates on grouse range from 15-30 per day typically.

Package Includes*

-3 full days of hunting on low slope terrain in prime grouse habitat.

-Breakfast, lunch and dinner from the time you arrive until you leave.

-Comfortable accommodations in private kitchenette or cabin.

-Transportation to and from airport and hunting grounds each day.

-Assistance with cleaning and packaging of birds.

* Trip cost does not include transportation to/from Michigan or license fees.

Booking Information
Hunters may reserve any number of days within the hunt dates.

A $250 deposit is required to hold spots prior to August 1st, after that date all bookings must pay in full.  Groups are welcome, but limited to 4 hunters maximum.  Discount available for adding consecutive hunting days at the rate of $250/day or $150 for half-days.  These may be added during your trip.


Additional Info & Recommendations
-Average day temperatures range from 25 to 50 degrees daily.  Rain is likely at some point and light snow isn't unusual.  A pair of waterproof "muck" boots can increase hunting area availability.
-If ammunition is purchased beforehand, #6 or #7.5 nickel or copper coated steel or lead shot is recommended.

-This is a wild bird hunt!  Hunters should be in decent physical condition and able to walk 3-5 miles/day.  However, this hunting is much easier than it is in the southern Appalachian mountains.

-Hunters are welcome to bring their own dogs, Wing & Fly Company will assist in recommendations on range and working patterns.

Hunting License Link:

You will most likely need:  (031) Small Game 7-day NR, (007) Woodcock Stamp, and (019) Migratory Bird Survey.

Interested in the food?  We generally mix the menu between cooking and dining out at local restaurants.  Personal preferences catered to whenever possible.  Call for details or last year's menu.  Alcohol is not included in trip fees.

Travel Information
Guests are strongly encouraged to call us before booking flights.  This will maximize hunting time and decrease travel hours.

Wing & Fly Co. will arrange travel for guests upon request.  Plan to arrive the night before your first hunting day.

Click the photo to see pictures of hunts in previous years.  The upper peninsula offers a wide range of quality grouse habitat.