Guided NC Wild Bird Hunts: Ruffed Grouse, Bobwhite Quail, Woodcock

For the dedicated bird hunter, we are proud to offer guiding for 100% wild birds.  These are not "early-release" hunts, supplemented stocking, or any form of artificial production.  As such, these trips are recommended only for individuals who truly believe that the pursuit is more important than the harvest and have strong fair-chase principles.  Flush rates are relatively low compared to preserve hunts and opportunities to shoot are often challenging and fleeting.
-Ruffed grouse hunts: the average flush rate is 4-8 per day or 0.5 flushes/hour.  Hunters can expect a long day of moderate to strenuous walking and may only "see" half of the flushed birds. Rarely do clients harvest more than 2 birds, often bagging 0.
-Piedmont hunts for wild quail generally find 2-5 coveys per 7 hour day, with moderate physical exertion. Expect tough cover and very fast birds.  The average quail harvest for these hunts is 4-6 birds.
-Woodcock flush rates vary widely, generally dependent on the migration schedule.  We choose areas that consistent yield 6-14 flushes per day.
Ethical Sustainable Harvest
We are dedicated to preserving the tradition of wild bird hunting.  This sometimes requires exercising "trigger-control" during a small covey rise or simply allowing birds to escape if hunting near sunset.  We do not guide on farms or in areas that have very small populations which could be threatened by harvest.  For more information on our harvest practices, please contact us via phone.
Guided Trip Rates
High Country Grouse  $350
Mountain Grouse         $350
Woodland Quail           $300
Private Farm Quail      $550*
Woodcock                    $285*
*Prices based on a 2-person hunt, dependent on fees charged by landowners.  Rate typically commensurate with habitat quality.

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Cities: Asheville, Louisburg, Pisgah, Sandhills, Boone, Banner Elk, Jefferson, Taylorsville, Caswell, Brevard, Roan Mountain, Burnsville, Waynesville, Uwharrie, Yadkin.  North Carolina, Virginia