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Fly Fishing in North Carolina & Virginia

Guided Trips

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Each of our guides are committed sportsmen that truly love the sport and want to help every angler get the most out of their time on the water.


Fishing Instruction

Fishing Lessons on Fly Casting & Tying.

With proper instruction, most beginners can learn the skills necessary to sail a fly line 40 feet in less than an hour.  And that’s more than far enough to catch a lot of fish!

Fishing Schedule

This Fishing Season Calendar outlines most of our fly fishing trips, explaining details of when, where, how, and anything else we think you should know.

Fly Adventures

We teamed up with a world-class fly fishing outfitter and added the thrill of wilderness wingshooting to create an unforgettable trip in the Katmai/Lake Iliamna region of Alaska.

Fly Fishing with Wing & Fly Co.

At Wing & Fly, we continually strive to bring more people into the sport while teaching good conservation ethics along the way. Click on the links above to find out more about our services.

Since the first record of using an artificial fly (approx. 200 A.D.), anglers have continued to elevate the tools and techniques of this form of fishing, constantly seeking new ways to fool their quarry. Today, thousands of anglers have joined the ranks of fly fishermen, pursuing fish that people said couldn’t be caught with a fly. Of course, “fly” is now a loose term. Deep ocean fly fishers targeting marlin often throw “flies” that are 15 inches in length.

As a guide service and outfitter, we’re passionate about fly fishing for just about anything. For many, it’s the perfect blend of power and finesse. If you’ve already caught fish on a fly rod, then you know. We encourage all anglers to constantly seek out new species and new waters with rod and reel. Fortunately, we’re in a place that has enormous opportunities to suit every passion. Whether you want to chase tiny native trout in a remote mountain stream or enjoy fighting hard-charging kings on the coast, it’s a great time to enter the sport we call fly fishing.

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