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While wingshooting is our specialty, we’re not opposed to other types of hunting.  Due to the skills needed to hit a bird while in flight, quail or grouse hunting isn’t really made for beginners.  If you’re just getting into the sport of hunting, consider these options.

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First Shot Doe Hunts – Nov/Dec.

While seeing deer in the piedmont is not that challenging, knowing the moves to successfully harvest one is another matter. Let an experienced hunter walk you through the techniques of scouting, setting up in a likely spot, scanning, and then hopefully shooting a healthy doe.

The first meeting will be rifle familiarization with a .22, then we’ll actually shoot a few rounds with a small caliber game rifle such as .243. The morning or evening of the hunt, we’ll quietly slip in to a stand and wait for the natural world to come alive. It’s truly amazing what you can see when you’re silent and still.

Big Game hunting

This hunt is completely aimed at the beginner. A perfect situation for the spouse of an addicted hunter who doesn’t want to be bothered by the basics (admit it, we’ve all been there!). Or perhaps your son or daughter is interested in hunting and you have no idea where to start. Couples or parent/child pairs welcome.

For the ladies that want female instruction, we actually do have a female guide to help you feel more comfortable.

Length: Two half-day sessions. May be combined in one day, however this hunt is generally set up for one afternoon and one morning. A third hunt will be complimentary in the event that no game is witnessed.

Half Day Squirrel Hunt – November through January 31st

Squirrel HuntingWith new or inexperienced hunters, the best excursions offer lots of opportunities with small firearms.  The piedmont of NC is literally loaded with gray squirrels….everywhere.  Generally we pursue these critters with a .22 rifle which is scoped.  For extra insurance, they can also be hunted with a .410 single shot shotgun. If you’re looking to get into hunting but don’t feel comfortable chasing bigger or faster game, squirrel hunting is the way to go.  It’s also nearly impossible to have a bad day, since you get to spend an afternoon hiking through the winter woods in hot pursuit.

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