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Fly Fishing Lessons

As with any sport, there is a unique connection felt from your own craftsmanship.  Watching a wary fish rise to your unique fly is a heart-stopping moment that yields intense excitement with a strike.

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Fly Tying Instruction

Beginners can usually learn enough basic skills to tie a respectable fly in less than 15 minutes.  As you become more comfortable, you can begin to add more difficult techniques, allowing you to produce very intricate patterns.

As with any sport, there is a unique connection felt from your own craftsmanship. Watching a wary fish rise to your unique fly is a heart-stopping moment that yields intense excitement with a strike.

Many anglers, including our guides, get into fly tying in order to create new patterns that aren’t offered by shops or catalogs. Either we feel that we can develop a more realistic fly, or we enjoy the connection that comes from fooling our quarry with our own handiwork. The reward from catching a fish on your first tie is a memorable experience.

*Note to friends and family, obsessed fly-tyers may exhibit the following behaviors:
1) Angler begins to collect various fibers, fur, and feathers from road-kill, upholstery, or the family pet.
2) He or she begins to stay up till 1 am the night before a fishing trip (This is often accompanied by the statement “I’m just going to tie a few more”).
3) They appear overly excited and exclaim “Look at this one!” whenever they tie a new fly.
4) They quit looking at sports magazines and anxiously await the latest fly tying catalog.
5) While at the fly tying bench, you hear a sinister Dr. Frankstein laugh followed by “It’s ALIVE!”.

If you see any combination of these symptoms (especially the last one), CALL US IMMEDIATELY as this person is in serious need of a fishing trip.

Fly Casting & Fishing Lessons

1st hour – $45

+ $30 per additional hour

$45 per hour

+ $15 per additional person

  1. Casting Dynamics and General Principles
  2. Overhead Cast- Back cast and Forward cast
  3. Roll Cast & Mends
  4. False Casting
  5. Stripping and Shooting Line
  6. Fly Identification & Selection
  7. Knots for flies, leader, & tippet.

Casting instruction can be scheduled for individuals, pairs, or groups. This is a great corporate activity that will lead to better teamwork and camaraderie among staff. Most of all, fly casting is FUN! Part of the enjoyment from fly fishing comes from the feel of the fly rod, as well as the artistry. All equipment provided or students may bring their own.

For both beginners and intermediate anglers, learning the basics of fly fishing can seem overwhelming.  We have found that by explaining the physics behind fly casting, our students master the basics easily.  With proper instruction, most beginners can learn the skills necessary to sail a fly line 40 feet in less than an hour.  And that’s more than far enough to catch a lot of fish!

Intermediate anglers that are looking for ways to enhance their fishing days should start be examining their cast repertoire.  Whether your target is bass, saltwater species, or trout – there are many advanced casts that will better your chances of getting your fly where you want it!  Consider the reach, backhand, reverse-underhand, curve, or check casts.  If you haven’t mastered these (or maybe you’ve never even heard of them), then it’s time for a casting lesson.  Increase your catch rate instantly by booking a lesson.

Class Testimonials

“Guide was really nice, very knowledgeable would recommend to anyone wanting to learn how to fly fish.” – April 2012

“It was a great experience! We really learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Brandon was our instructor and he did a super job!” – August 2012

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